Do you regularly manage your number of DealerSocket users? Your admin login allows you to periodically clean up your DealerSocket user base to ensure that all logins are for current employees and your CRM data is secure.


There are four different tribes of engineers, each with 30 to 80 people committed to their respective product lines around the clock. We do Agile with two-week sprints and many of our projects have tight deadlines. To achieve this, we must create an environment where engineers are free from constant distractions and can perform at their best,” said Rob Teegarden, Vice President of Engineering at DealerSocket.

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The Dealer Socket Login Guide

Part 1: Check DealerSocket User Count

  1. Under DealerSocket, select Admin Tools and Admin Menu.
  2. In the store admin area, select Merchant Users
  3. The Reseller User window will appear. Sort by user type by clicking on the column header to get a list of all logged-in users. Then you can count all active DealerSocket users.

Part 2: Deactivate users

Remove previous employee logins and ensure your user base is up to date and secure.

  1. In the Merchant Users area, locate the user row and select Edit.
  2. When the Merchant User window opens, select Inactively and Save.
  3. If your DMS has events assigned to this user, select Go to reassignment tool.


Part 3: Manage inactive user events

Easily transfer all current and historical CRM events to a single user or distribute them evenly across the team.

  1. Select Go to Reassignment Tool as above or from the main menu navigate to Admin Tools > Admin Menu > Database Administration > Client Reassignment.
  2. Select Assign or BDC to configure the event field to be reassigned.

The BDC matches the fields mapped by the BDC in the event to “from user” and the event type to “to the user”. Map the Match Officer fields within the event to Chief Officer, Officer To, or Service Clerk to User.

  1. Choose an event type from the drop-down menu and select Count to view all events of that type that are currently assigned to the inactive user.
  2. Assign a new user or team to each event within the event type.
  3. Select Assign Secondary Sales to transfer the secondary to the primary and maintain contact in an established sales relationship.
  4. If “<—Round Robin—>” is selected from the “For Users” drop-down list, you can select a team from the “Round Robin Group” drop-down list.
  5. An active user can be selected from the For Users drop-down list.
  6. Maximize efficiency by choosing:
  7. Enroll in a campaign to add the modified events to a campaign to manage customer communications.
  8. Add orphan tasks to reassign all listed events linked to other users but including the inactive user.
  9. Choose to Perform reassignment.

The new improvements are the result of significant investments the company made in its software over the past year, including CRM, capital mining, digital marketing, website, and digital marketing, inventory management, and its standalone dealership management system.

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