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Do you regularly manage your DealerSocket user count? Using your administrator DealerSocket Login SSO you can regularly cleanse your DealerSocket SSO user base to ensure all DealerSocket Login SSO is for current staff and your CRM data is secure.

DealerSocket, Inc. recently unveiled more than 20 new innovations across its suite of products. The new enhancements are the result of significant investments DealerSocket SSO has made over the last year in its software, which includes customer relationship management (CRM), equity mining (Revenue Radar), digital marketing (Precise Price), websites, and digital marketing (DealerFire), inventory management, and its independent-geared dealer management system.


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DealerSocket SSO has made significant investments in our software and service over the past year, said DealerSocket SSO President and CEO Sejal Pietrzak. Our goals have been to focus first and foremost on our customers and their needs and to create enhancements and innovations to our products that help our dealers generate more profit and grow their business.

We Are Automotive is more than a tagline for us; it represents the very ethos of how we live and do business, standing side-by-side with our dealers and partners to be their trusted advisors. The enhancements we (released) at NADA are a testament to our focus on innovation and our partnership with our customers.

The Dealer Socket Login Guide

Part 1: Check your DealerSocket user count

  1. Within DealerSocket Login(, select Admin Tools and Admin Menu.
  2. Inside the Store Admin panel, select Dealership Users
  3. The Dealership Users pane will then be visible. Sort by User Type by clicking on the column heading to list all DealerSocket Login SSO users. You will then be able to count all active DealerSocket SSO users.

Part 2: Deactivate Users

Remove previous employee BB DealerSocket Login and ensure your user base is updated and secure.

  1. Within the Dealership Users pane, locate the user row and select Edit.
  2. Once the Dealership Users panel opens, select Inactively and Save.
  3. If your DMS holds events assigned to this user, select Go To Reassignment Tool.


Part 3: Manage inactive user events

Easily transfer all current and historical CRM events to an individual user or distribute them evenly within the team.

  1. Select Go To Reassignment Tool as above, or navigate from the main menu through Admin Tools > Admin Menu > Database Admin > Customer Reassignment.
  2. Select Assign or BDC to set the event field to be reassigned.

BDC will match the BDC assigned fields within the event for ‘from user’ and event type to ‘to user’. Assign matches assigned fields within the event for ‘primary assigned’, ‘assigned to’, or ‘service writer’ to ‘to user’.

  1. Select an event type from the drop-down menu and select Count to see all events within this type currently assigned to the inactive user.
  2. Assign either a new user or team to each of the events within the event type.
  3. Select Assign Sales Secondary to transfer the secondary to the primary and maintain contact within an established sales relationship.


  1. An active user can be selected within the To User drop-down menu.
  2. Maximize efficiency by selecting:
  3. Enroll in a Campaign to add the changed events to a campaign to manage customer communications.
  4. Include Orphan To Do’s to reassign all events listed linked to other users but which include the inactive user.
  5. Select Execute Reassignment

How To Reset DealerSocket Sign In Password?


  • Follow the steps given in the above paragraph to reach the official CRM DealerSocket Login portal page. (
  • Click on the “Forgot Password” link at the right end of the portal.
  • You will go to a new page.
  • Enter your “Username” in the blank provided.
  • Click on the “Send Email” button.
  • A reset password code is sent to your email which is associated with that account.
  • Enter the code and set a new password.
  • The same steps should be followed for the IDMS, DealerFire, AutoStar, Inventory+, FexDMS, and AXX. You must click on the correct websites for the above-mentioned things and follow the same steps. The links are on the DealerSocket login page.

Inventory Management At Dealer Socket

DealerSocket SSO has completely transformed its inventory management solution into an enterprise platform, complete with a new responsive design and smarter navigation controls. The restructured solution also offers expanded reporting capabilities that allow dealer group operators to manage inventory by region, performance, OEM brand, Highline stores, and much more. This new reporting structure will also facilitate additional innovations slated for release later this year.

Under the company’s enterprise management approach is bulk pricing, a new feature designed to allow dealers and dealer group customers to identify new and used vehicles across their operations by age, trim, make and other attributes and then adjust pricing by dollar amount or percentage. This enhancement is especially useful for dealers hoping for one last shot at retailing aging inventory before sending them to auction. DealerSocket is also making it easier for dealers to appraise vehicles, allowing them to perform a value analysis and get purchase recommendations based on the retail market and historical dealership data from a single, configurable screen.

DealerSocket has also reinvented its “Ideal Inventory Model” (IIM) to match today’s market conditions. The new model uses advanced data algorithms to recommend a vehicle stocking mix that will increase a dealer’s profit per vehicle profile. This builds on the philosophy of profit rather than turning on which DealerSocket’s inventory management tool was built many years ago. This year, two of the main drivers of the Dealer Socket SSO profit model — TrueScore pricing and its associated pricing band — have been re-envisioned and upgraded to provide users with an even more accurate view of their core inventory, also launched at NADA.

An Electronic Medium Of Dealer Socket

Dealer Socket SSO Digital and Websites (DealerFire) offering is also making a big splash. The company announcing at NADA its new integration with Facebook Marketplace – DealerSocket has been selected as one of only a few software companies to offer dealers the ability to market their inventory to a wider audience of potential buyers.

The company’s Engine 6 website platform is announcing that it boasts industry-leading load speeds and a revolutionary website editor that puts dealers in control of their virtual showroom. Also launching is inventory advertising for dealers on DealerSocket’s inventory management solution, as well as the ability to layer in incentive data.

DealerSocket is also announcing that it has unhooked its digital retailing platform, called Precise Price, from its DealerSocket / DealerFire websites, which means dealers can have any website and still utilize the company’s digital retailing platform.

Independent-Geared DMS

DealerSocket’s web-based dealer management system and loan serving platform for independent dealers is announcing several finance-related upgrades for 2019, including a seamless digital credit application workflow and more robust functionality around F&I products and accessories.

Also new at NADA are key features for greater fraud prevention and compliance, including CBC’s enhanced Red Flag algorithm, an electronic closing process via SecureClose, and enhanced credit reporting.

In addition, DMS is debuting advancements in automated payment processing via OpenEdge’s full-featured payment solutions and the ability to accept payments via interactive voice response (IVR). Lastly, core reporting for both static pool and 20 Groups takes a leap forward along with the launch of seamless integrations to DealerSocket products including CRM, inventory management, and websites, making DMS the most automated on the market today.

About CRM Portal

DealerSocket’s CRM has been retooled to give dealer groups the option to have an enterprise view of their customers. The solution’s new innovative and proprietary matching algorithm is one example of the changed approach. It is designed to address a major consumer pain point by allowing dealership groups to pull up all customer communications records, including trade information, credit applications, group loyalty, open sales opportunities, and link accounts across multiple rooftops.

The CRM also gets a major workflow improvement with the addition of a new credit compliance portal, which offers dealers the ability to prequalify customers via a soft or hard credit pull, perform the required compliance checks, and tie up more profitable F&I “turns.”

In addition, Dealer Socket SSO is announcing major upgrades to its CRM’s add-on tools, including SocketTalk and Revenue Radar. SocketTalk, which is a text communication tool fully integrated with its CRM, now offers the ability for dealers to send their customers photos and video text messages that will be seamlessly integrated into the company’s CRM.

Dealer Socket SSO equity mining tool, called Revenue Radar, is launching integrated marketing services, including professional print services for direct mail campaigns, supplemental email communications, landing page development, and appointment-booking services. Revenue Radar customers will also be assigned a strategic performance manager for process development, training, and ensuring users are getting the most out of the technology tool.

About Dealer Socket

DealerSocket is a leading provider of software for the automotive industry, offering a suite of seamlessly integrated products to help dealers sell and service vehicles more profitably while improving their customers’ experience. DealerSocket’s suite of products includes advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM), innovative Digital Retail, Marketing and Websites, robust Vehicle Inventory Management, insightful Analytics Reporting, and solutions to streamline dealer operations such as Desking, Credit Reporting, Compliance, and an independent-geared Dealer Management System (DMS) for dealers of all sizes. DealerSocket’s software has helped customers sell more than 100 million vehicles throughout its 18-year history.

SnapCell and DealerSocket use an open API to integrate with one another, improving efficiency and ease of use for both solutions,” said Brent Williams, President, and CEO of SnapCell. “Incorporating video into sales and service processes increases trust and transparency with customers, and I’ve always believed that it can be done while simultaneously making a salesperson’s job easier, not harder. Our newly announced partnership with BB DealerSocket CRM Login allows exactly that.”

With integrated systems, customer lead information entered into BB DealerSocket CRM Login is instantly and securely updated within SnapCell, enabling the possibility for autoresponder videos from SnapCell to be sent to customers automatically, with no human intervention necessary.

Alternatively, sales users can receive an automatic push notification straight from the BB DealerSocket system into their SnapCell mobile app, prompting them to create and send a personal video responding to the customer’s inquiry. Every part of the process is seamlessly tracked in both systems with no need for duplicate data entry at any point.

We are thrilled to provide SnapCell’s mutual customers with DealerSocket CRM Login the capability for seamless integration,” said Quinn Spicker, Chief Technology Officer at SnapCell. “We believe this new partnership makes both our systems even more powerful and simple to use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does DealerSocket cost?

According to Capterra, DealerSocket CRM Login starts at $750/month. That falls in the 80th percentile of costs for DMSs (based on 185 reviews on G2 Crowd). Monthly costs can quickly get into the thousands depending on the size of your dealership and your needs.

What is IDMS DealerSocket?

IDMS isn’t your typical dealership management system for independent and BHPH dealers. We built IDMS to be different. The customization and flexibility our software provide dealers allow them to do business the way they want to do it.

What CRM do car dealers use?

IDMS by DealerSocket is a full-service Dealer Management System (DMS) that includes a robust CRM platform. DealerSocket CRM Login is designed by auto industry professionals for auto industry pros, and it includes a unique set of tools and resources for customer relationship management.

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With Deep Security protecting its AWS and data center environments, DealerSocket’s security team can quickly detect incidents and efficiently manage investigations, allowing them to provide vastly improved protection for the company’s data.

Deep Security also met DealerSocket’s ease-of-use requirements from the start. In just 30 days, the solution was easily installed on 2,000 machines, and the previous product was removed. The product supports DealerSocket’s DevOps goals with its full API enablement and scalability. Finally, Deep Security’s tools and reports have significantly simplified its compliance requirements.

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