With offices in more than 90 countries, Solera is a global technology leader operating in a highly complex vehicle lifecycle management ecosystem. Solera’s unique software and database drive a vehicle’s value chain from purchase to claim, repair and resale. These acquisitions build on Solera’s strategy to minimize complexity and reduce friction across all touchpoints in the vehicle lifecycle through fully integrated smart technology platforms.


DealerSocket is driving the rapid digitalization of the vehicle lifecycle, providing our customers with intelligent, data-driven, and mission-critical solutions,” said Darko Dejanovic, CEO of Solera. “These highly strategic acquisitions will allow us to expand into adjacent industries and capitalize on emerging trends in our industry.

Dealer Socket’s unique position in a large and growing market allows us to transform the industry through innovation, proprietary data assets, unparalleled scale, and deep customer relationships. With Omnitracs, Solera will offer a unified platform that encompasses safety, productivity, and maintenance solutions for commercial fleets.

DealerSocket has made advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and will demonstrate how ML can utilize cross-platform data (CRM, Digital, DMS) to predict the propensity of “a client”. By focusing on high probability buyers, merchants can focus their efforts.

DealerSocket is also working with companies like Carlabs.ai, the automotive industry’s first conversational AI platform, to help dealerships provide scalable one-on-one interactions with consumers. By integrating Carlabs.ai’s intuitive AI capabilities into the DealerSocket suite of products, dealerships can improve website conversions, reduce customer service costs, and improve the overall customer experience by collecting purchase analytics.